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Join the Contractor Life Academy Membership Program to grow your home improvement, bathroom renovation, home renovation, re-modelling, home services and home contractor business beyond your wildest expectations.

Join Brian Diamond, multi-million dollar home improvement and bathroom reno business owner (and social media star - just quietly! ;) ) who will walk you through the process of building a highly successful contracting business - without making ALL of the mistakes that most make!

What You Get in The Contractor Life Academy


    Get weekly Step-by-Step instructions on how to build and scale your business to get MORE PROFIT, CONTROL, AND FREEDOM from your business.


    Join our live group call where you will get ANSWERS TO THE TOP CHALLENGES contractors are facing in their business


    Get access to scripts, templates, and spreadsheets you can USE AND IMPLEMENT in your own business

What the Academy Members Are Saying...

My #1 Trusted Advisor

Luan Nguyen

Brian Diamond is my #1 trusted advisor in all things business related. There hasn’t been a situation that this man hasn’t been through. Knowledge aside, Brian has a heart of gold. Knowing him at the birth of my business has given me a competitive advantage that propel me years ahead of where I am supposed to be. Every conversation I have with Brian is filled with wisdom. Brian is the true G.

Sales Training Game Changer

Nam Dinh

Brian's sales training has been a game-changer for my business. Especially with the one on ones where Brian goes in-depth about every aspect of your business.Sales Training

This is the REAL DEAL!

Kyle Bridgan

I’ve been in, and applied, just about every paid training course on earth and as far as systems, business practices, and sales go, this is the real deal. The investment is laughable considering the level of value provided

One of the Best Guys I've Met

Tony Inzauro

Brian allows you to see things at a whole other level. He really likes to reverse engineer. He wants to make you think. Not only that but one of the best guys on a personal note I have met in a long time!

Fortune 500 Companies Could Learn From Him

Craig Griffen

It's time to take MASSIVE ACTION!

Here is our 3 STEP PROCESS to get the business to start SERVING YOU...


    We are going to EDUCATE you to make sure you never feel unsure about any aspect of your business. You will be the PROFESSOR


    We are going to ELEVATE your business to a new level. A level that is profitable, scalable, and able to exist without your presence 24/7.


    We are going to EXTRICATE from your business the MONEY necessary to ensure that you are able to live your BEST CONTRACTING LIFE.


Brian Diamond

Greetings! Welcome to The Contractor Life Academy... Over 20 years in this business I have worked for nationwide companies doing $100MM a year to boot-strapping my own business in 2014. I've practically had every job possible in this remodeling industry from knocking doors and dialing for dollars to leading teams of sales professionals in multiple markets and then opening up and scaling multiple offices generating over $40M in revenue. My companies have been featured in Inc Magazine, Qualified Remodeler, Remodeling Magazine. I've had the pleasure to speak at industry events, be featured in national magazines, and selected by members of the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies and Fred Case Remodeling as one of the most progressive remodeling entrepreneurs in the industry. The journey that led to those achievements wasn't an easy one. At one point I was in business debt and almost bankrupt, funding payroll out of my personal account. Almost divorced because the company was stealing too much of my time. And at one point on the brink of giving it all up. But I didn't give up...I knew change was possible. I created the Contractor Life Academy so others like myself can start living their BEST CONTRACTOR LIFE from this day moving forward. Again...WELCOME!

How Has Your Contracting Life Been Going?

is it what you signed up for? Are you making the kind of money you expected to make? Are you able to come and go as you please in your business? Whatever it looks like for you...are you living your BEST CONTRACTOR LIFE?