Any of These Thoughts Entered Your Head?

  • "I'm tired of running around giving estimates out and NO ONE GETS BACK TO ME."

  • "I'm good at my trade. I just don't know what to do when it comes to selling the job when I'm with the client. "

  • "I'm know I'm LOSING JOBS and LOSING MONEY. I've GOT to GET BETTER at sales!"

  • "I'm TIRED of dealing with TIRE-KICKERS!"

  • "I CAN'T WIN against these LOW-BALL Estimates!"

Make A Decision To Make a CHANGE!

For $199/mo receive WEEKLY course videos with tips, tactics, and strategies on how to CLOSE MORE JOBS, CHARGE HIGHER PRICES, and MAKE MORE MONEY! Learn how to DEAL WITH OBJECTIONS, weed out TIRE-KICKERS, and WIN against LOW-BALL ESTIMATES...

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Sales Essentials Introduction

    • Welcome to the SALES ESSENTIALS COURSE!

    • Before you go...

    • Next steps

  • 2

    Prequalifying Your Leads: Setting Up Sales Over the Phone

  • 3

    Start Charging Enough for Your Work: Get From Poor to MASSIVE Profits!

    • Determining Your Gross Profit Goals

    • Markup VS. Margin in Pricing

    • Estimating Techniques to QUIT LOSING MONEY on Your Jobs

    • Tech Review: Estimate Faster, More Accurate, and Consistently for Better Results

  • 4


    • EMOTIONAL vs. LOGICAL Selling...Get Your Mind Right!

  • 5

    Eliminate Cheap Competition: Quit Getting Out Bid

    • Setting the Stage for Success

    • Laws of Influence and Persuasion: Law of Liking - "If They Like You They'll Buy From You"


    • Sophistication SELLS!

    • Law of Contrast and Comparison: Establish Your Value

    • Set Competitive Traps: Low-Ballers BEWARE...Your Game is OVER

    • Movie Time! Playing the Low Baller Horror Show

  • 6

    Bonus Content: Recap and Implementation of Sales Plan

    • Recap and Implementation of Sales Plan

  • 7

    Lead Handling, Tracking, and Rehash

    • Fundamentals of Lead Handling

  • 8

    Sell LESS and Make MORE: Increasing Your Contract Amount

    • Setting the Stage for Upgrades and Larger Scope

    • Price Conditioning: Get Them Ready for the PRICE BOMB!

    • Third Party Collateral: Validate Your HIGH PRICES

    • Painting the Picture: From Canvass to Contract

    • ROI: Show Them the MONEY

    • Financing: The Bridge to Higher Margins

  • 9

    Never Hear "I Want to Think About It" Again

    • Setting Up a Same Day Decision Before You Show Up

    • Personality and Persona for Profit

    • Law Of Scarcity: People WANT What they CAN'T HAVE

    • NO FEAR! Set the Expectation

    • Clients LOVE to WIN! Make them EARN IT

    • The Take Away: Can YOU Handle It?

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Included in $499/mo Training

Along with the Weekly Video Lessons you will receive

  • Scripts and Templates

    Eliminate the hassle of trying to come up with the right scripting, word tracks, or templates to convert more leads and make more sales. We have them all for you and easily editable to tailor to your business.

  • Closed Face Book Community

    Exclusive Access to a closed FB community where other contractors like yourself will be posting questions and celebrating wins. Our coaches will be answering questions as they come. A great way to build community!

  • Live Zoom Calls

    Live Zoom Calls with the entire community to review the lessons that have been sent your way, live Q&A, and solving One-Off experiences in the home.

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Got Some Questions?

  • If I get the video only content and want to upgrade how does that work?

    Just send an email to [email protected] and say you want to upgrade. Your enrollment will be pro-rated and you'll be ready to join the community!

  • Why don't I get access to the entire suite of videos with my enrollment?

    We don't want to simply provide information...we want to create CHANGE in your business! We've found having a week between videos allows you to implement the learning into your business and get it down before moving on to the next lesson.

  • How is this FB Group different than the free one?

    This group will be dedicated to posts, questions, and content surrounding the learning in the courses. I will be answering questions daily, popping in for a quick live, and adding extra value to your enrollment.

  • How often are the Live Zoom Calls held?

    Questions will be submitted in the learning platform and a live call will be held on the first Friday of the month. There will be other lives scheduled randomly which you will receive a text message or email about.

  • What if I miss a Live Zoom Call?

    Don't worry! Those will be recorded and available for your review at a later date!

  • Can I cancel if I wish to?

    You sure can! Once your monthly enrollment is processed you will be enrolled until the end of that period. You can cancel at any time. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your enrollment valuable before you do!