Any of These Thoughts Entered Your Head?

  • "I'm a great craftsman but I KNOW NOTHING about running my business"

  • "I don't understand how I'm working 50+ hours a week and still have NO MONEY"

  • "No matter WHAT I DO I can't get ENOUGH LEADS to stay busy"

  • "I have a 6 month backlog and CAN'T FIND GOOD HELP"

  • "I'm living PAYCHECK-TO-PAYCHECK and I NEVER see my family. It's just NOT WORTH IT anymore"


in 2013 I had been in the home improvement business for almost 10 yrs. I had worked in every position you can have in the industry from knocking doors to leading salespeople producing $20M/yr to opening up and scaling new offices. But I wasn't happy...I knew there was more. 

I was watching people's business change their lifestyles. Less time on the job, more time at home, new cars, nicer vacations. I WANTED THAT FOR MY FAMILY TOO...

But even though I knew all the components of running a successful business when I started my own business I realized it was a COMPLETELY different ballgame. I had to learn how to be a marketer, a leader of people, a financial manager, a production manager, a salesperson, and still be a husband, father, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. It was TOO MUCH.

I was working more, making less, and my personal life and relationships were crumbling around me

I put the breaks on and decided I was going to build out the next three years of my business...ON PAPER. 

I created a 42-page business plan that outlined every aspect of my business from financial projections, org charts, marketing plans, competitive analysis, etc. I then created everything I would need for the people side of my manuals, compensation plans, sales training, production plans, etc. Everything I would need so when we were in the thick of it I could just pull it out and keep hustling. 

 Once I decided to start working ON the business instead of IN it things CHANGED! 

Within 3 yrs of starting my business, we were generating over $5M in sales and on track for almost a 7-FIGURE NET INCOME. 

The company gained INDUSTRY RECOGNITION that companies 20 yrs old didn't have...

  • Inc. Magazine 5000 fastest growing companies in the country #2211
  • Qualified Remodeler Top 500 Companies in the country
  • Remodeling Magazine Big50 Award

I was personally being recognized as a standout leader in our industry:

  • Fred Case Remodeling Entrepreneur of the Year 
  • Articles in Remodeling Magazine
  • Speaker at conferences and conventions
  • Frequent podcast guest and panelist

Now I own two MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR COMPANIES that have TRANSFORMED MY LIFE and require less than 10 HOURS A WEEK of my time.

 I have created THE ACADEMY with the intent of giving you access to not only the same plan that CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER but to the little secrets that some of the MOST SUCCESSFUL REMODELING COMPANIES in the country have been holding close to their chest!


For just $199/mo receive WEEKLY course videos with tips, tactics, and strategies on how to build a business that allows your MORE CONTROL, MORE PROFIT, AND MORE FREEDOM from your contracting business. Add Live Zoom calls and more for $299/mo!

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Crafting Your Business To Serve YOU!

  • 3

    Running Your Business By The Books

    • By the Books: Chart of Accounts and Your Budget

    • How to Craft the NET PROFIT $$ You Desire

    • Determining Your Overhead Costs

    • How to Determine Your Required Gross Profit Margin

    • How to Maintain a Consistent Gross Profit across ALL Profit Channels

    • Don’t Suffocate Your Business...Cash is Oxygen!

  • 4

    Time and Priority Management: Finding Time to Make Time to Learn How to Manage Time

    • The Beginning of Taking Back Control of Your Time

    • Brain Dumping...Get the Madness Out of Your Head

    • Time Management Matrix

    • Focus on the Four that Matter

    • Block Scheduling for Block Heads

  • 5

    Building the Production Pillar of Your Business

    • Establishing Your Production Plan

    • Subs vs In-House Employees

    • Recruiting Subcontractors

    • Working with Subcontractors: Tips Every GC Should Know

    • Creating Your Sub-Contractor Agreements: Know the Essentials

    • Your Production Team: What Can They Produce?

    • Production KPI's: What Are They and Why Do We Keep Track

  • 6

    Your Sales Plan: Keeping That Pipeline Full

    • Crafting Your Sales Plans and Goals

    • Why Having a Sales Process Matters

    • Choosing a Sales Program

    • Tops Sales KPI's To Pay Attention To

    • How to Sell Financing

  • 7

    Your Marketing Plan: From Prospect to Profit

    • Establishing Your Marketing Plan

    • Marketing vs Advertising

    • Different Types of Lead Gen: What's Best for You?

    • Knowing Your Marketing Costs - It Makes It or Breaks It

    • Tracking Your Lead Program ROI

    • Maximizing Your Lead Spend for Higher Profits

  • 8

    Recruiting, Training, and Development: Who Said This Was Easy Again?

    • Creating Your Ideal Candidate Profile

    • Hard Skills vs Soft Skills...What Are You Recruiting For?

    • The Elements of Recruiting Ads That WORK

    • Ad Placement MATTERS...Let’s Dig In

    • Interview Techniques That Identify Winners vs Losers

    • Why Your Onboarding Process Matters and What To Do About It

    • Establishing Deliverables and Accountability for Your Staff

    • The Process for Building Your Team into Hustlers

    • The Importance of Great Leadership

    • SOP’s and Competency Models to Get the Most Out of Your Team

  • 9

    KPI's and Your Dashboard: Manage What You Measure

    • Creating Your Dashboard...What Does It Need?

    • How to Use Your Dashboard to Run Your Business

    • Running Your Business By the Numbers

  • 10

    Building the People Part of Your Business

    • Constructing an Organizational Chart

    • Creating Roles and Responsibilities for Your Staff

    • Key Elements of Your Employment Agreements

    • The Importance of Weekly One-on-One and Group Staff Meetings

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  • Scripts and Templates

    Eliminate the hassle of trying to come up with the right scripting, word tracks, or templates to track financials, streamline marketing, and lead your team. We have them all for you and easily editable to tailor to your business.

  • Closed Face Book Community

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Got Some Questions?

  • If I get the video only content and want to upgrade how does that work?

    Just send an email to [email protected] and say you want to upgrade. Your enrollment will be pro-rated and you'll be ready to join the community!

  • Why don't I get access to the entire suite of videos with my enrollment?

    We don't want to simply provide information...we want to create CHANGE in your business! We've found having a week between videos allows you to implement the learning into your business and get it down before moving on to the next lesson.

  • How is this FB Group different than the free one?

    This group will be dedicated to posts, questions, and content surrounding the learning in the courses. I will be answering questions daily, popping in for a quick live, and adding extra value to your enrollment.

  • How often are the Live Zoom Calls held?

    Questions will be submitted in the learning platform and a live call will be held on the first Friday of the month. There will be other lives scheduled randomly which you will receive a text message or email about.

  • What if I miss a Live Zoom Call?

    Don't worry! Those will be recorded and available for your review at a later date!

  • Can I cancel if I wish to?

    You sure can! Once your monthly enrollment is processed you will be enrolled until the end of that period. You can cancel at any time. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your enrollment valuable before you do!